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I'm a 47 year old female. I have not been sexually active in 5 months. Over the past 3 weeks, I have developed an itchy rash o

Posted by gemini1962

The rash is only where there is pubic hair.  I shaved it off to examine it and I have been putting hydrocortisone on it, then I started putting Caladryl gel for poison oak/ivy.  Nothing has worked.  I had a rash on my elbow prior to this.  I scratched it and it looked like whitened, dead skin.  I have always used lotion for dry skin.  The hydrocortisone seemed to work on the elbow and it appeared to have gone away.  It has returned this week.  I have tremendous, on-going stress and I am wondering if that contributes to either, since it affects my immune system.
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