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i have small colorless bumps all over my body, they are super itchy and are spreading. After itching so much they then turn int

Posted by frodella19

they started on my arms, and i now have them on my legs, feet, back, and i noticed this morning on my face.  They are colorless until I scratch so much they become little open cuts, which then scab over.  Its awful and nothing seems to be working.
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Hello! I have the same problem, and it's been going on now for two months. I was wondering if you ever found an answer or a solution. Thanks.

This same problem is affecting me. Has is spread to others in your family? I'm concerned I'm going to give it to my grandchildren. This started on my abdomen FIVE MONTHS ago as a very, very itchy sensation. I have a "stain" there that still remains but the colorless itching bumps have completely covered me from the neck to the ankles. (Not "inside" me anywhere, if you catch my drift, THANK GOD) Night is the worse. I went to a Dermitologist but he was little help. I have a steroid cream to put on the bumps, and Zertac (sp?) antihistimene to take 1-2xs a day for the itching (does NOT make me tired), and I use an over-the-counter lotion "SARNA" for sensative skin for the itching as well. All together, they do little to help. He told me to come back in a month if it doesn't help. (fat chance I'll go back to him) They will "weep" very small clear scabs if I scratch and break the skin. Any one with help????

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