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I have red splotches on both lower arms, upper arms, shoulders front and back, chin, and my upper chest area. What is this?

Posted by Beagledogbutler

It started on my right forearm about ten years ago and progressed to the areas mentioned in the question.  It is not bumpy or upraised, it is smooth.  The rash is circular splotches with light areas in the center.  It doesn't itch or hurt, but sometimes it is fire red, though it does not burn.  Other times it is paler, but still red.

It seems like it is simply part of my skin.  It gets very red when I am using my arms a lot, ie-typing, cooking, stirring, etc...

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I have this SAME PROBLEM!  A doctor once told me that it was from dry skin and told me to buy cetaphil and lather it on every day, but after 2 years of doing that every morning and night, I gave up on that idea.  I'm dying to know what it is and how to get rid of it!!!:P I'm too self-conscience to wear short sleaves anymore:/
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