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i have red patches on both sides of my face and those areas are quite dry. Is there any way i can get rid of these red patches.

Posted by tristan

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The dryness could be due to several things.

1.  Your cleaser could be too strong and stripping your skin.  Pay attention after you wash.  Does it feel dry and tight, like you need to drown it in moisturizer?  If so, you should probably switch.

 2.  Have you started using anything new?  New facial products, cosmetics, laundry detergents, etc., could all cause contact dermatitis.  

3.  Stress.  Any changes or trama could cause changes in the skin

4.  Too little or too much exfoliation.  Exfoliate too much and you could leave your skin vulnerable and dehydrated.  Too little and you could be a flaky mess.

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Andrea Stodola

Essential Skin & Beauty

my red blotches always appear to be much stronger right before my period, and when I am under a lot of stress. Is there anything I can do to decrease it?
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