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I have non-raised red spots on my chest and neck please help!

Posted Apr 02 2009 3:32pm 4 Comments
I have these red spots on my chest and neck they dont itch or bother me at all but the only thing is, is when im at school i have to worry that other students dont make dumb comments about it, they get redder some times like after a shower or if I happen to touch it... I'm only 15 I know you have to be like 18 to sign up but ive had this for 2 years please help i went to my doctor and he said it was nothing so my mom thinks it's nothing too so it would be great if you had a solution to this thanks!
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please i really would like some help its been a while b4 i posted this and still no help :(
I have the same thing, i have been looking at other websites and they say to use face wipes or spot cream or tee tree oil or something like that, ive yet to try them but they might work.
right now i'm trying clean and clear daily exfoliating wash, ill try to remember to post the results.
I have the same exact problem. The only difference is that my doctor did tell me what it was and gave me a perscription for it. I am sorry that i can't remember the name of the medication but what you do is put it on 10 minutes before a shower and then just wash it off. The Good news for you is that i may not know what the medication is called, but the doctor told me as well that the same ingredience is found in Selson blue shampoo - so just do the same thing - put it on for 10 minutes before a shower. My doctor told me it was a fungus! i was terrified and said "what I am clean I shower everyday!" and she said that is had nothing to do with that; that it had to do with heat and the sun or something like that. I find myself that i seem to get more of them when i am stressed. Anyway try this and i hope it works for you. Us ladies like to look great and wearing tank tops in the summer you can definately see them:( So good luck and post how you made out. Also mention what i just told you to your doctor and (i'd like to think) they will know what your talking about and can perscribe the medication-being that it is a much higher strengh than the shampoo. Good luck
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