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I have non-itchy rashes on my elbows that won't go away.

Posted by jsthomp2006

When I was young probably the 3rd or 4th grade I was diagnosed with eczema that was on my elbows. 

 I am 31 years old have redish/pinking, scaly, non itch rash on my elbows.  Did I contract this skin disease again?  I also have similar problems on my penis; however, when I masterbate it seems to iritate the skin and sometimes I get white pimples on my the shaft of penis.  Moreover, everyone in awhile I get the same thing that is on my elbows on my legs, only smaller.  These rashes have been on my for awhile now.  They tend to get smaller but have taken its time. 

If I have eczema again is there a natural way to get rid of it?  I am not much into antibiotics, so I am looking for an alternative.


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