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I have had a rashes on my lower stomach.legs,back, arms,cheecks,and my chest on & off for about 9 years.

Posted by chilson

This rash has ruined my life. I have had to quit all sports because of it. I have to itch it until it bleeds because it itches that bad. I have been to many doctor appts. They have given me many creams, lotions, pills, and soaps. I have quit using soaps, lotions, perfumes, laundry soaps because they only make it worst. The doctors never took me to seriously. One doctor told me to move to flordia to get some sun...another told me to take an oatmeal bath. One doctor tells me i must use a creams she had given me, the next one tells me to never put any sort of cream on it and that i will have to take pills the every day the rest of my life?! I'd really appreciate if someone could help me. I feel hopeless!  Thanks
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