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I have clogged sweat glands on my face that have become unsightly and uncomfortable, any way to remedy them?

Posted by Susan J. Facebook

I have very fair, sensitive, skin with very, very fine, tight pores. I've tried hot  compresses, pore cleansing masks, and other cleansers and moisturizers. I did read one site that said that syringomas can be reduced, if at all, with electrolysis, or CO2 laser. Is there anything new out there that could help me? There used to be one or two, and it has continued to spread from cheek to cheek, here and there, over my upper lip, and on my eyelids and forehead- the largest concentration is underneath my eyes and around my nostrils. I also have lupus, but my dermatologist told me it isn't anything related to that. There is no inflammation with these blackish colored nodules under my skin, although some have gotten bigger over time, and also become very apparent when I do sweat. At times, some will actually hurt when I sweat heavily. Nothing has ever come to the surface of the skin. I tried expressing one once, and it popped under the skin and went away, but eventually returned.  I'd like to know if there is anything out there that works.
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