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I have bacteria-causing sores on my rt. arm and left breast. I have lumps in my scalp that are sore and burn. What are they?

Posted by Ellen

Last year, I was given a sulfa drug for the arm/breast sores and cortisone strips.  Eventually, things cleared up for the most part.  Now sores are back on the breast.  A biopsy was done on one of the breast sores (I don't know why a culture wasn't done), and all the results said was that it was bacterial in nature.  The culture done last year on them (by another doctor not on my insurance this year) said it was a bacteria from the colon.  Anyway, for the past 2-3 months, I've had these painful lumps/sores on my scalp.  Doctor gave me a medium strength cortisone lotion for them which did not help at all.  Now he wants to biopsy my scalp.  Enough with the biopsies!  I think if he were a better diagnostician, he could figure out what I've got on my head.  So, I'm going to see another dermatologist when they can find me an appt. time.  Thank you.
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