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i have an itchy rash on my face?

Posted by quinnrgrace

I have an itchy red rash on my face it vaguely resembles acne. but more blotchy. i usually have great skin. its swollen and warm to touch. and severly itchy. it has lasted about 5 days. the one on the right side of my face follows my cheek bone and spreads a little further down. the one of the opposite side of my face is right below my lip on my chin. They are not spreading anywhere else on my body or face [although it started out as a small cluster of itchy red bumps about an inch under my eye and spread from there. although its seems to have stop spreading]. i dont itch them. im 18 years old. Im 100% i dont have an STD. I have no known allergies. and allergies are not a problem in my family. i have NOT been getting sick. it wont go away. its big and ugly and im self conscious enough as is.
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