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I have an itchy,dry,and noy bumpy rash on my neck.I thought it was ringworm but it's not.I went to the doctor and got a cream th

Posted by flamingspirit688

It started out small.I had small bumps in a circular form.I though it was ringworm so i put for gentin violet on it.It didn't help.Then it got bigger but the bumps went away.It became very dry.My cousin gave me some hydrocortizone cream.It helped and at one point it was almost gone.Then I went to the beach and it got worse again. I went to the doctor and they gave me 2 gels to put on it.Since then it has gotten 10 times bigger and 10 times worse and has developed some bumps around it.I'm at a loss.I have no idea what it is but I need to get rid of it.
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