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I have an acute and chronic rash that only apears on my upper right buttock. Can you help?

Posted by alexis

It is severily itchy, at times it almost burns and very red. It has roundish shapes that remind me of ringworm and also linear shapes that look like a bacteria strand from under a microscope. It is bumpy with tiny bumps that appear to be blisters, but not sure. I had this for a solid several months, then it would just go away for a week then come back always in the same general area. I tried out of curiosity doubling up on my multi vit, one in the morn and one in the eve and it seemed to do the trick, it was gone for months. Now it's back and it's driving me crazy! Is there a certain kind of test I should have done to rule out anything that is auto immune in nature? It's the only thing I can think of that it could be.HELP!!!
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