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I have a small bump on between my toes, what is it?

Posted by shamm07

It is on the second one in from my pinky toe. It is small and a little painful because it is pressing up against my pinky toe. It has a weird like "crater" in the middle of the bump...It is the color of my skin though.
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I have the EXACT same thing in the EXACT same place with the EXACT same description!  I've been searching for an answer as well.. (thats how I found this posting) I tried using a plantar wart treatment will no sucess whats so ever.. I'm curious to find out what this may be! I know this doesn't help at all but at least you're not alone!

I have had the same issue but was on my pinky toe in between.  I turned out that it is considered a soft corn.  Below I have copied and pasted some information in reference to this.  Good luck.

Types of Toe Corns:

As described above, toe corns are the human body’s response to the pressure and irritation your shoes cause as they rub against your feet. Toe corns can appear on your feet as either hard toe corns or soft toe corns.

Hard Toe Corns: This type of toe corn is most commonly located on the fifth toe. Hard toe corns live up to their name, and are hard to the touch. In some cases, though rarely, a hard toe corn may appear on other toes.

Soft Toe Corns: This type of toe corn usually shows up between the fourth and fifth toes.

Why Toe Corns Appear:

In addition to tight shoes (high heels, shoes with narrow toe boxes), other factors can also cause toe corns to develop on your toes:

  • Increased moisture trapped between toes can cause toe corns.
  • In addition to friction due to shoes, friction inside socks can also result in toe corns.

How to Prevent Toe Corns:

The Podiatry Institute has provided FootSmart with some great guidelines for helping consumers avoid the pain and ugliness of toe corns:

  • First and most importantly, if you want to avoid toe corns, you need to immediately start wearing shoes that really fit your feet. Stop wearing shoes that inflict pressure or irritation, and women should limit the length of time they wear high heels or stop wearing them altogether.
  • To help prevent toe corns, you can try wearing insoles or inserts in your shoes to combat pressure points and rubbing.

Tips for Treating Toe Corns:

If you’re suffering from the discomfort of a toe corn, you can try trimming down excess skin with pedicure files. The Podiatry Institute also recommends applying softening cream to the toe corn area.

And we can’t stress this point enough: Even if you already have a toe corn or two, you should be wearing shoes with a wider toe box to decrease the pressure inflicted on current toe corns.

Treating Toe Corns at FootSmart:

FootSmart sells a variety of products for toe corns.

  • Corn Protectors for Toe Corns:

FootSmart sells many products designed to protect your toe corns, including Digi-Cushions, Stick-On Padding, Silicone Toe Caps, TechnoGel Corn Protectors and more.

View all products that help treat toe corns.

  • Shoe Stretchers for Toe Corns:

In addition, you can find a shoe stretcher at FootSmart to stretch out your shoes to help you avoid toe corns, or to help reduce the friction on toe corns already causing pain.

  • Shoes for Toe Corns:

FootSmart has a wide selection of comfort footwear for men and women, and many have wide toe boxes to help you avoid toe corns in the future.

Final Note on Toe Corns:

A toe corn does not present a long-term or serious health risk, but if changing your shoes and other treatments do not work to get ride of your toe corns, you may want to see a podiatrist for additional treatment options for your toe corns.


NOTICE: The information provided on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your physician or other qualified health provider because of something you have read on Wellsphere. If you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.
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