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i have a rash under my bottom lip and a sore on the corner of my mouth

Posted by memoz

ok i first got a what looked like a blackhead on the corner of my lip and i tried to pop it and it got all red and the next day it had kinda turned into a sore. and then about a day or so later i realized that i was starting to get what to me looks like a rash on the bottom part of my bottom lip. its like swelling but looks kinda like a rash to me.. so what im wondering is what does this sound like???? pleaseeeee help.
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How to get rid of lip pimples? The best way to eliminate pimple on lip is by eliminating the causes and using an effective wash and pimples treatment.

There are a few tips to prevent pimple on lip and keep it under control:

1. As with acne treatment anywhere on your face, pimples on lip can also be prevented by adopting a routine cleansing process.

2. Avoid touching your face as often as possible because will be spreading germs around your face

3. If the lip pimples are really painful and swollen, try applying a little ice on it every 30 minutes. This will help in reducing the swelling.

4. Avoid wearing any lip gloss or lipstick till the lip pimples is gone because it will only clog the pores and worsen the condition.

5. Avoid smoking and keep away from caffeine products and beverages.

6. Topical antibiotics can be applied to the affected areas of the lip to fight pimples.


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