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i have a rash that doesn't itch

Posted by Nycon

I have had a mild rash for about 2 months that is all over my body, it doesn't itch or burn (evan when scratched). their just small red spots all over my body that very in size and redness. Some are slightly raised but not enought to tell. Their about the same size of what a chigger bite. Went to a cheep walk in clenic and the doctor there didn't know what it was and was going to refer me to a skin doctor. I have some of the poorest insurance there is so i really can't afford going to another doctor. (last bill was 150 bucks for the doc to say "i dunno") so im hopeing i can get a second opinion here. the doc did get me a cream (Permethrin Cream 5% *w/w) that i put on my whole body one time only. about 45 mins after i put it on i did notice a lot less of the rash near my hands but within a couple of days it was back just as bad as b4 the cream
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