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I have a rash on my wrist and I can't find out what it is. Any help? (details)

Posted by Matt91391

Its very dry, red, circular and on my right wrist.  It generally isn't itchy, but sometimes at random it becomes terribly itchy.  There are no bumps and the dry skin doesn't peel or flake off.  The skin is slightly raised and no moisturizer has worked.  Its been there for a very long time, and I don't think its eczema. Any ideas?
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Is there something that touches that wrist regularly? Do you wear a watch on that wrist? Is it frequently resting on a mousepad? It could be a contact allergy or just irritation. It could even just be a patch of severly dry skin, although not as likely if you only have it in one spot.
I have exactly the same thing. Noticed it about a week ago, its a raised oval rash on my right wrist. It itches terribly some times and sometimes its fine. It has no raised dots and also isn't bright red. I have had pomphlox excema before on my hands, the itching is reminiscent of that kind of itching. Could it have something to do with that??
I also have the exact same thing. But it's on my left wrist. It's beginning spreading around my whole wrist. I've had it about a month now. I used to wear a bracelet but just recently took it off. But the rash it still there. Like you said it generally isin't itchy, but it sometimes randomly becomes terribly itchy. I'd like to know what it is too.
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