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i have a painful lump inside my nose, what could cause that? and how can i make it stop hurting?

Posted by amykcs2006

its a hard lump inside my nostril, its on the left side one day one in the right nostril the next.  just touching it is a real tear jerker.  what could it be?
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I too have this problem. My lump is in the left nostril but on the left side. It hurts ALOT to touch it on the inside and pressing slightly from the outside hurts it aswell. Its the typ of pain you get when you have one of those huge red zits. However i have not hade a zit of thaqt kind for years. It is way too painful to even think about squeezing. I have put salt water on a tissue and rubbed it (PAINFUL) but this has not yet helped. Im really starting to worry... Is it serious?

P.S im really sorry this is not an answer but i was hoping you have the same thing as me (im not an a-----e) to reasure panicing cancer thaughts rushing through my brain!!! sorry again...

I think it's just an infection and the swelling is a sign that it's going away. The salt water should help, but really it's just waiting it out. Icing it will help the swelling as well. A little concealer with powder to set should help hide the redness until it goes away. I think you should see a doctor if it persistently happens. As far as cancer goes, if that's something you're really worried about then see your doctor. Skin cancer can manifest itself in many different ways, and it is important to have it diagnosed as soon as possible. However your symptoms seem to be in line with a localized infection. 

I have had these bumps on the interior soft tissue inside my nose. I have found that using a Q-Tip soaked in peroxide and swabbing the interior infected area twice a day along with the use of antibiotics will get rid of this issue within 3-4 days.

Relief is on the way friends.

Your Buddy, David B. 

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