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I have a painful itch on the inside and back of my legs. No marks or rash. I've change body soaps, detergens, lotions does help.

Posted by hmmk50

I've had it for months.  My friends all say nerves, which is a good possibility since I have a new business and am working 7 days a week, 12 - 16 hrs a day. I take 2 - 3 benedryl before I go to  bed at night.  It seems to bother me the worst at days end.  I suspected Shingles or Hives but there is no rash or other marks.

I am inclined to think it is related to the virus that causes Shingles and Chickenpox.  Any other suggestions?

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Your problem may actually be caused by incorrect use of soap or cream
to which it may be your skin alergická.Já had something similar, so I tried some of the different natural products and has helped me the most active hemp cosmetics, when surfing the Internet I came across a shop Look at it and
Thank you for your response.  It has now moved to the backs of my legs. 
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