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i gently poked a small red blemish on my nose with a pin and it started bleeding profusely (as in at least three tablespoons of

Posted by asdf

The red spot looked like it had a little blood in it which is why I gently (and i mean gently) touched it with the pin.
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I had the same thing years ago and also touched it with a pin, I was alarmed to see blood litteraly squirt from it for a few seconds then it bled for ages. However the spot like blemish that was there for a year or so before simply vanished within a week. It appeared to be an arterial capilary that was too close to the surface as it had such a spurt of blood, a vein doesn't have the same presure! So no worries, but don't recomend any one else does the same as we did, go see a dermatologist next time just to be safe!

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