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I am wondering about these red bumps on my arms and legs and what they could possible be/be from?

Posted by litilaine

I woke up yesterday morning scratching 2 mosquito looking bites on my arm, both red in color but far awary from eachother. Then I notice that I can not stop scratching my leg and here is why: on my leg i have (what looks like) many mosquitos bites that are connected/one really large bump that is in the shape of Florida (about 2.5 inches long and 1.5 wide at it's widest point .5 inch on its skinniest). On it you can see possbile bite marks that are both scab like and also bubble like (puss inside). Down on my ankle is just a single bump like this large one, again with the bite/bubble but this one is only about the size of  the point of a pen. I fall asleep again mid-day, only to be rudely awaken by yet another insanely itchy individual bite on my arm which lead me to realize that the "florida"bump had many smaller bumps around it (all mosquito like bites and all as red and itchy as the florida one/the ones on my arms). In addition to these new bumps on my florida, i notice (on my opposite leg) that i have a chain of just the smaller red bumps, all varying in size, and all just as itchy (i've been calling them the keys to my florida, if your going to have nasty bumps, you may as well be able to joke about it!) Anyway- i sleep through another night, only to wake up this morning scratching away! Sure enough i have a patch of about 3 more (small red ones) only a few inches away from the chain. Though i have been noticing them when i wake up and they fact that i am no stranger to mosquito bites (which is why i THINK that there is a possibility that they are bite like), i am not 100% sure that they ARE actually bites. i live with my boyfriend and so far he has not had one bite/red spots like i have. i find it hard to believe that the bugs biting me are sticking to only my side of the bed! Also through out the day, i will notice a new (single) bump in various places on my leg. Because of this i most deffinitley believe that it is spreading. However- what makes me a little unsure is the fact that they do not all look alike. the patch and chain look like eachtoher, the indivual ones on my arms look like eachother and then the "florida" (biggest one, by far) and the one on my ankle look like eachother, but between those three groups, each has a little somehting different (the fact that some places they are in groups, some they are individual, and that some have the scab/bubble). Also, when i scratch these bumps, ECSPECIALLY the "florida" one, they become very inflamed. The florida one swells all up and all of the bumps around it become more and more noticable. Just a breif description of the appearance of them- the "small red bumps" (the chain/"keys" and the patch on my other leg) do some what resemble hives. The indivudual ones on my arms, as i said resemble fresh mosquito bites (all the time though) and the "florida" one lookes like one giant hive, that has poison ivy on it (the scab/bump like things do somewhat resemble poison ivy). As far as i know, i don't get poison ivy, haven't ever any but i also know how easily it spreads. what makes me think its not poison ivy is that the parts that "spread" do not resemble the original area it started in (the "florida"). I have changed the sheets on the bed and I do plan on going to the doctor/hospital tomorrow. Unfortunitly, due to work, that won't be possible until late in the day. Therefore, until then, i am trying to see if anyone else can give me an idea of what they may be/if they are all related (which because of the timing i think they are but like i said they do look a little differnt so..) and also what i could possibly do about it. I have been putting "ivy-dry" on them all which has done wonders for the itch. I would like to try to get some bennedryl but have none at my house/can't get any until tommorow. I'm wondering if hydrogen peroxide would do anything? I am interested in knowing if this does seem like bites to anyone else or if it sounds like an infection or a reaction of some sort. (also about the bug bite thing- another doubt i have about it being bites is that they are showing up in such selective areas. if they are bites then why only my arms and legs? none on my stomach, feet, face, back etc.) anyways! just looking to see the possibilites of what it is, what it may be from, if it is all related to eachother  and what i can do about it before i go on to day number 3 with it (not being able to get anything for it or seek medical attention until late afternoon). i am hoping that instead of notice more in the mornign that some of these will start fading (fingers crossed!). we will have to wait and see in the morning but hopfully this is the worst it is going to get because the itching is almost unbearable! Terrible when it wakes you from your sleep!
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