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I’ve Been Having A Lot Of Fun With Raw Chocolate!

Posted Feb 10 2010 12:06am

It’s been all about chocolate in the High on Health house over the last few days. After David Wolfe’s lecture on Sunday night I think “chocolate” slipped into my subconscious because I’ve since been making a lot of beautiful raw chocolate creations!

On Monday night I made my friend Anna a very rich raw chocolate cake for her birthday. This recipe was borrowed from Russell James who as you know I get a lot of inspiration from. Instead of topping the cake with Russell’s tricky berry stuff (okay not trickybut I’m lazy)I threw on some strawberries and goji berries that had been soaked until soft. And yesI realize Russell’s cake is a lot prettier than minebut he’s a CHEF!

Raw chocolate cake

Raw chocolate cake

I’ve been getting into the habit of keeping my fridge stocked with young coconutswhich can be a little tricky considering I’m sharing the fridge with three other vegetarians so sometimes it’s a bit of a squish.

Last night after dinner I was feeling like something chocolatesomething coconut and something sweetso I made up this coconut chocolate mousse. This one is my own creation! It’s a combination of young coconut water and flesha bananaraw cacao powdervanilla and raw cashews.

Chocolate Mousse

It has a smoothyogurtcreamy texture and is just delightful!

And while I was at the David Wolfe lecture on SundayI picked up a few “bars” of sacred chocolatewhich is the raw chocolate sold through sacred foods. I absolutely love this chocolate and how super healthy it isso of course there’s not much left.

It’s also interesting how I feel as though I need to share this chocolateso I’m always opening it around friends and sharing it around. It must be all the love stored in the chocolate from the manufacturing process :) (I’m seriousthey have someone praying over the chocolate 24/7 while it’s being made!!!).

Sacred Chocolate

If you’re outside of the US unfortunately you can’t buy this chocolate in stores. That’s why I was so super excited when I could buy it over the counter at the lecture. But if you search around you may be able to buy online. It’s expensive but trust meso worth it.

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