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How To Use Clays To Clear Acne And Why They Work So Well

Posted Mar 19 2009 4:30am

clays I love clays and always have. Even before I developed an acne condition I used to use a clay mask at least once a week, and always before a night out because it made my skin look softer and clearer.

I’ve since learned how fantastic clays are at decongesting and detoxifying the skin, so of course they’re a fantastic addition to your skin care routine.

Clays work by drawing the toxins out of the skin which then bind to the clay. So when you wash the mask off you’re washing the toxins off too. Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s not. Clays have been used for many, many years so it’s one of those tips we picked up from as far back as ancient Egypt. Something that’s lasted that long must be good.

And the good news is, I now sell Living Valley clays (the good quality brand) in my online store so you can start making clay masks no matter where you are in the world - Click here to get your clays.

Here’s that link again to my online store. And here are a couple of videos I recorded a year or so ago about clay masks. The first link in particular is a really good one if you’re just starting out -

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