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How To Skip On The Sugar And Start Eating Vegetables For Breakfast

Posted Mar 14 2009 3:14pm

sugar Getting enough courage and planning time to start the Body Ecology Diet (BED) has been a bit of a challenge for me, so I’m starting to ease into it by gradually adding some of the concepts into my diet.

One of the most dominant principles of the BED is to stop eating all sugars, including natural sugars. This includes fruit, milk (the lactose in milk is a sugar), and most grains. Sugars feed the Candida, yeast, fungus and mold in your body and make it worse. You also need to make sure that your body is getting enough minerals to support the amount of sugar you’re eating, because even natural sugars can be quite a lot for your body to cope with.

So what I’ve decided to do in leading up to the BED is -

  • Reduce the amount of sugars in my diet
  • Ensure my body is getting enough support to process the sugars that I am eating. I’ll be doing this by taking minerals and vitamins through supplements and prana though yoga

What I started this morning, and what I’d like to continue doing every morning, is eating a savory breakfast. Normally I’ll have either soaked oameal sweetened with milk, fruit or honey OR I’ll make smoothie sweetened with honey or agave. So this morning I left my oats in the cupboard and the milk in the fridge, and instead I made a beautiful breakfast of eggs seasoned with dulse flakes and steamed vegetables.

Eggs and steamed vegetables

The BED tells you to make eggs with mostly the yolk only because that’s where all the goodness is. But I feel bad about disposing of the egg whites and I’m not sure what else to do with them so I just left them in. And I scrambled these eggs over the stove without adding anything else. So no milk, no butter, no cream. And you know what? They tasted just as good. As long as you don’t let them dry out they’ll still taste great.

You may think I’m crazy for being okay with eating steamed vegetables for breakfast, my mum certainly did when she walked past with a funny look on her face. And when my good friend Kris told me at Christmas that she was on the acid/alkaline diet and was eating veggies for breakfast ..I wasn’t so sure I could do the same. But I did it this morning and it was the best homemade breakfast that I’ve had in a long time. So once you get your head around the possibility of eating something like this for breakfast, it opens up a whole new range of options.

First you need to change old ways of thinking

I strongly believe that the secret to being able to eat vegetables for breakfast is to first change old habits and your way of thinking. You do not have to eat the same thing for breakfast that everybody else does. Nor do you have to continue to eat the same foods that you have been for the last ten years.

Why do we eat cereal and toast for breakfast? Because we grew up with that and it’s what everybody else eats so it’s become a habit. Once you change your perspective and your way of thinking, and plant the little seed in your mind that perhaps there are other healthier options, you’ll be amazed at how desirable other options will become.

It took me almost three months of thinking about eating steamed veggies for breakfast before I actually did it. I remember after my conversation with Kris about her new diet, picturing myself eating steamed broccoli for breakfast and not liking that image at all. But as the weeks passed the more I thought about it and the more I started to think that maybe it was okay, until eventually I actually wanted it. I planted the thought and it grew!

Wait until you’re hungry before you eat

It’s also equally important to wait until your hungry before you eat breakfast, because if you force yourself to eat in the morning when you’re not hungry, you’ll probably choose a junkier option. If you actually wait until you have a hunger then you’re likely to be okay with eating something a little healthier like steamed vegetables. Trust me, it works. This morning I woke up at 6:30am and did some yoga and meditation, and took my time and waited until I was feeling hungry before I prepared breakfast. It was 9am before I ate! The thought of eating steamed vegetables at 6:30am of course wasn’t a very nice thought but at 9am I was totally into it.

Now that I know I can do it I’d like to start eating more like this. And of course I can’t eat eggs every day for breakfast so over the coming weeks I’ll be posting other recipes and breakfast ideas too.

The biggest problem I can see is having the time to actually prepare a full breakfast each morning. I’m in a lucky situation here because I don’t have to go out to work ..I work at home so I can take my time with preparation. However when I have some place that I have to be before 9am in the morning I can see how this could be a problem. So I’ll have to come up with a few ideas that take less time to cook.

In the meantime, if you have the time why not give a vegetable fueled breakfast a go? I be you’ll find it a GREAT way to start the day!

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