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How To Make Your Own Hemp Seed Oil & Aloe Vera Facial Moisturizer

Posted Aug 16 2010 8:55pm

A good friend of mine has been using hemp seed oil to moisturize his face for as long as I’ve known him. He has excellent and clear skin so I’ve always wondered if the hemp seed oil had something to do with his great complexion. What stopped me from trying it myself was my fear of using straight oils on my face, and the fact that his pores were enlarged (even though you had to look really close to see them).

It reminded me of a time years ago (before I had acne) when I used to make my own skin care products with waxes and essential oils. They’d always make my pores look visibly a lot larger so my creations always ended up in the bin.

However (and this is the really, really good bit), recently he started adding aloe vera into the hemp seed oil with amazing results!

Aloe vera naturally tightens the skin, especially fresh aloe. You’ll be able to feel it if you squeeze some of the aloe gel out of a leaf and apply it to skin on any part of your body. The skin will almost immediately begin to feel tighter.

So aloe vera is a perfect mix for the hemp seed oil. After a few moments the “oily sheen” that is often left after using straight hemp seed oil will have left completely. It’s as if the aloe vera helps the hemp seed oil to be absorbed into the skin. The aloe also prevents the pores from looking enlarged. As it tightens the skin, it tightens the pores too.

It’s also important to note here that I’ve now finally discovered a resource that lists the comedogenic rating for hemp seed oil. And it was awesome to find that hemp seed oil has a rating of 0. This means it’s super safe to use on the skin, will not clog your pores and will not give you acne. Check out the resource by clicking here .

How to make your own hemp seed & aloe facial moisturizer

One application of this moisturizer requires around 5 drops of hemp seed oil mixed with 1-2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel. Use organic ingredients if you can. I was too excited to pass on this recipe so I haven’t experimented yet with quantities for making more of a bulk product.

You can use aloe vera gel bought from a store, but of course it’s always best to use fresh aloe directly from a plant. If using fresh aloe vera gel and making up bulk quantities of this moisturizer, you will need to preserve the gel in some way. To make your own aloe vera gel, follow the recipe in this article – How To Harvest Aloe Vera & How To Make Your Own Gel

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