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How To Identify The Root Cause Of Your Acne Just By Looking At Your Skin

Posted Nov 11 2008 1:45pm

cookies and milk I’m frequently coming across fed up adult acne suffers who have tried eliminating a lot of foods from their diet - including refined sugar, dairy and wheat - but their skin is still broken out with chronic acne.

There are a number of reasons why this could be happening, so if this is you please don’t give up just yet. In fact, I stumbled across a video the other day from The Renegade Health Show blog which demonstrates this exact situation and one treatment option really well.

“I’m not in the business of having acne”

The video is by a health journalist who suddenly broke out with a forehead full of pimples. Being in the health industry, he was so distressed with his sudden skin problem that he went crazy eliminating foods from his diet to try and heal his skin. He did not resort to changing his skin care routine or using any supplements or prescriptions. His diet was the only thing he altered.

Kevin eliminated so many foods from his diet that he ended up eating only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. He even stopped taking all supplements that he was previously taking in case they were the culprit. Kevin had become an extreme raw foodist to try to heal his acne, but it still wasn’t working, he still had acne!

And then Kevin starting thinking that perhaps his acne wasn’t caused by an intolerance to food, but an overgrowth of Candida, yeast, fungus or mold in his body. He’d recently taken a course of antibiotics so it all made sense.

His treatment was to remove all sugars, including natural sugars and fruit from his diet.

As soon as Kevin stopped eating fruits, his skin cleared up completely. He also starting drinking green smoothies (vegetable only) throughout the day, and took a colon detoxifier and some natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral healing herbs.

Watch the video to hear Kevin’s story. He’s a really energetic guy so it’s definitely worth watching.

What I found most interesting about this video is Kevin’s description of the acne on his forehead. I’m beginning to think that you can look at your spots to help determine what the root cause of your acne is.

When I recently wrote my posts about my spotty forehead in London for example, my skin was in exactly the same shape as Kevin’s. Like Kevin I also had weird rash like splotchy acne on my forehead that was certainly different to the acne I’d experienced when I was a teenager. And I know I’m currently living with a Candida overgrowth in my body (I’ll be writing a series of blog posts about my Candida cleanse diet in January!!) so perhaps my forehead acne was primarily due to Candida too.

What does your acne look like?

Perhaps we really can learn more about the root cause of our acne by just looking at our skin. I’ve put together a table of acne types matched with possible root causes. This is data I’ve collected from my personal experience, research and from talking to High on Health readers.

I’d love your input so let me know if you agree or not with anything in this table. If we can get a list going of the type of acne and any found root causes, then we’re on the way to at least making it easier to finding treatment or cures for sufferers.

table for causes of acne

Before I finish off this post I want to mention that I don’t completely agree with all the herbs Kevin took (the little jar he held up in the video) because that jar is packed full of very “warming” herbs.

While these herbs can and will help many people with acne and disease, if you have too much “heat” and “dampness” in your body then herbs like this will in fact flare up your skin a little. In traditional Chinese medicine it is said that acne is caused by too much heat and dampness in the body (which are of course caused by something in your system that’s a little out of whack, like a Candida overgrowth or a congested liver for example). So you want to avoid any foods, herbs or supplements that will make this heat and dampness worse.

I also don’t think you need to become a raw foodist to get rid of your acne if you don’t want to. You can still temporarily remove the sweet taste from your diet without going raw. So if you’ve been inspired by Kevin’s video, consider removing everything sweet from your diet for a period of time (raw or not) and possibly looking into taking a colon detoxifier and/or getting colonic irrigation.

Teenagers also keep in mind that your acne is most likely caused by a hormonal imbalance from puberty, so this won’t necessarily be a cure for you. You’re better off taking more of a holistic approach. And I feel that it’s important for anyone that’s still growing or going through puberty to seek a natural therapists advise before going on any extreme diet.

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