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How To Get Rid Of A Planter Wart

Posted Aug 19 2010 4:46am

This is a little embarrassing but I’m going to tell you anyway. I have another planter wart on my big toe! And it’s terribly unfortunate that I discovered this planter wart less than 24 hours before I fly over to the other side of the world for a two month trip away. Grrrr!

But the good news is I’ve had a planter wart before so I know how to quickly get rid of them. And hopefully if you’ve got one too then this blog post will help you out.

Planter warts have an ugly name but they’re not that ugly at all. In fact, they’re very difficult to see. Commonly they’ll appear on the bottom of your feet and will look like a tiny black dot which may or may not be surrounded by some coarse or thicker skin. Because my planter warts appear on my big toe and the skin is already quite thick and course there, my planter warts are very difficult to see. But I know they’re there because they hurt! Usually I spend a couple of weeks thinking I must have some kind of cut or splinter in my toe (I’m bare foot a lot). Then after a couple of weeks have passed and I still have the pain, I’ll check it out to see if a planter wart has popped up.

This is an incredibly easy and natural solution that works in about two weeks. I have a friend who kept getting a planter wart on the bottom of his foot. First he got it cut out by a doctor, then when it grew back he got it burnt out by the doctor again. And when it still grew back he tried this natural solution. The planter wart fell out on its own after two weeks and still hasn’t grown back years later. That’s awesome.

What you’ll need

A cue tip
Apple cider vinegar
Duct tape

The solution

Pull the cotton off the end of the cue tip and soak it in apple cider vinegar.

Place the soaked cotton on your planter wart then completely cover with duct tape. The trick is to “starve” the wart of oxygen so you want to make sure no air can make its way to the wart.

Leave the duct tape on for as long as needed. Usually it will take around two weeks for the planter wart to fall out. If the duct tape falls off before the planter wart has come out (and this is normal, you will likely need to replace the duct tape occasionally), repeat the process above. And don’t worry – this won’t set you back! It’s likely that your planter wart will still fall out relatively quickly.

That’s it, simple and works beautifully :)

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