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How I Healed My Mononucleosis With Ayahuasca & Kambo Frog Medicine

Posted Nov 25 2011 9:44am

This article may seem a little obscure to you. Obscure because I’m taking medicine a little further into the realms of the “alternative”. BUT, I wanted so much to write this article for you because I’ve had such amazing results so far with my healing – so amazing that this article had to be written.

What I haven’t told you is that over the past several weeks I’ve been battling Mononucleosis (Glandular Fever) and chronic throat infections which spread to my ears and chest. In the beginning I thought I’d just had a bad infection so I took myself off to the Western medical doctor and they gave me a shot of penicillin and anti-inflammatories plus a course of antibiotics. But four days after the course of antibiotics was over the infection came back even stronger. This process repeated itself four times before I declared that I’d had enough of Western medicine and I was going back to what I was more comfortable and familiar with – alternative therapies – no matter how severe my infection was. I just didn’t feel that Western medicine could help me any more AND I’d read countless stores online of how many people had suffered for months, even years, from their Mononucleosis after trusting the course of Western Medicine.

So apart from scheduling an appointment in with a homeopath that I found in Cusco (the closest “city” to me), I decided to trust the Peruvian plant medicines that are so powerful and so readily available here in my community of Pisac.

I started off two nights ago with an Ayahuasca journey. I’d already done Ayahuasca almost a dozen times before but because I’d been sick I’d had almost two months off. It is not recommended to take Ayahuasca while on any chemical medications so because I was on antibiotics for so long I chose not to take Ayahuasca over that time period.

My previous Ayahuasca journeys had been very healing but not too challenging. You hear many stories from people who say that they experienced “death” in their journeys or who needed to be held or touched throughout the entire time. Or others who talk of experiencing extreme heat or pain or whatever other emotional or physical extreme you can imagine. I kind of thought I was a tough cookie and grounded and centered enough not to have these strong experiences. So I went into a beautiful women’s ceremony with the intention of healing my physical body and any emotion that was associated with it. I was feeling terribly physically sick as I went into the ceremony but also confident that it would be relatively gentle because they always were. Well this time would be different.

There is something so magical about the land here in the Scared Valley of Peru. The longer you stay here the more of your stuff comes up. It’s kind of unavoidable. I’d realized though listening to my own body and heart, and doing a little research that my Mono was linked to not feeling loved and appreciated enough. This certainly resonated with me for the years of my early child hood including when I was a baby. So the Valley had decided to “pull out” and some of the emotional baggage that I was holding onto since I was just a tiny little thing.

So in my Ayahuasca journey I explored and healed the relationship with my mother. I’m not going to go into full details as to what exactly happened but what I can tell you is that it was intensely difficult and traumatic, yet incredibly healing. I realized towards the end of the journey when I was a little more sober that the physical illness that I’d been experiencing was the beginning of the process of this healing with my mother. And if I hadn’t done something about it to release the energy and the emotion then I could have been sick for a lot longer. It was a long night. We closed ceremony at around 2:30 am and I was walking home and off to bed at around 4am knowing that I had more healing in the morning at 10am – a Kambo Frog ceremony.

I’ve already written an article about the Kambo Frog which you can read here. It goes very well straight after an Ayahuasca ceremony because your a little more open both physically and emotionally. In my last four Kambo frog ceremonies (that I didn’t do with Ayahuasca), I didn’t swell up like a frog or vomit, but this time I did. I vomited up bright yellow stuff from my liver which was a little yuck but also beautiful to see that toxic stuff coming out. So for me combining it with the Ayahuasca deepened the healing experience.

I spent the day afterwards feeling a little bruised and absolutely exhausted. I made sure that I ate healing, nurturing foods like soups and teas and spent the early evening lying in bed watching a movie. My sore throat pain was still there but it had reduced significantly. I also had a little muscle pain from tensing up during the processes and I was coughing up a little infected phlegm from my chest. I didn’t feel “healed” but I felt as though I was on a good path.

I went to bed that night with strong, vivid and long dreams. I drifted into a very deep healing sleep that felt like I was still working through and processing my Ayahuasca and Sapo ceremonies. When I awoke in the morning I felt healed. My throat pain had completely disappeared overnight. I still had a small cough but the color of the phlegm I was coughing up was no longer infected. And I felt a renewed amount of energy for life and happiness for everything that is. And while I don’t feel that I’m completely healed just yet, I feel that I’m 90% there. This afternoon I’m going to visit the homeopath to get some immune boosting remedies and hopefully an intravenous Vitamin C. I’m also going to do at least one more Kambo Frog ceremony very soon (possibly tomorrow) to help strengthen my immune system even more to make sure that an infection or disease does not come back.

I almost didn’t write this article because I know that these medicines are not readily available in all parts of the world, but in some they are. If you are experiencing a chronic condition, whether it’s physical or emotional then I encourage you to look well outside of the box and see what’s available to you even deeper than the more common alternative therapies. I honestly feel, deep in my heart, that my combination of the Ayahuasca and the Kambo frog healed me faster and deeper on both a physical and emotional level than any form of Western medicine and most alternative therapies could have. Wow to that.

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