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How do you heal dry pink skin on eyelids?

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A few months ago I started tanning for the first time.  After one session I noticed pink patches, however small, above my eyelids.  I thought it had something to do with the goggles.  Now, I have extremely dry skin under my eyes, and it's worse on my eyelids and halfway up to my eyebrows.  After I wash my face the skin feels very tight like someone is stretching my skin.  The skin is very pink in color, and it turns out that a lot of people at work thought that I was wearing eye shadow, pink eye shadow.  I use Aveeno facial cleanser and moisturizer and have for a few years now.  It felt that the moisturizer didn't do enough, so I tried using Blistex medicated chapstick on it and it seemed to help for a few days, then it seemed to get worse.  So I'm back to using the moisturizer.  If I go 8 hours without using the moisturizer my skin gets scaly, itchy, and flaky.  Please help.

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