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How Chrissi Cured Her Acne With Liver Flushing

Posted Jul 01 2012 9:24pm

When I turned 23 my skin went from looking fantastic to looking less fantastic! It was dismal. Literally I went to bed one night and the next day when I went to the mirror bam there were three or four huge pussy spots peering angrily back at me. Not happy I covered them up thinking they would go away pretty soon as I had never suffered with this sort of issue before.

How horribly wrong I was. They didn’t go away. They stuck around for quite sometime until I decided that there must be something internally wrong with me as no matter how many over the counter creams, lotions and washes I would use the darn things would not go. So I started thinking what was it that I had changed that might be causing me the acne? And the one thing that came to mind was ‘the pill’ yes the pill. I googled about the one I was using and there it was in black and white written by some other sufferer ‘such medication has caused me to have full blown acne’.

So the very next day I ran to the doctors and demanded that they change my prescription which they did several times with no positive results. In fact my skin worsened with the more I tried. I remember one day a huge cyst on my chin appearing. It was like the size of a ping pong ball! I was devastated and down right depressed. I came home, threw all the pills in the bin (along with the antibiotics that the doctor had given me to reduce the swelling) and started looking into alternative ways to cure my acne. I was determined to find a natural solution.

Within a year I became obsessed googling into this and that like a crazed fanatic. My life centred around one thing and that was to clear my skin. I tried a number of different things such as the candida diet (which worked fantastically but I could not stay eating like this forever). I tried a raw food diet but found that I was reacting from eating too much fruit. I tired so many cleanses, detoxes and even gave juicing a try for several days. But that didn’t help either.

I limited my diet so much as lots of things seemed to break me out – especially dairy, gluten, sugar and fats. Even fresh water fish, avocado, nuts and fruits were giving me acne. It was ridiculous. By this point my acne was no longer just on my chin but on my forehead along with a mild case of dermatitis on my cheeks. I was so unhappy and it was affecting my social life drastically. I remember not going to work a few times because I was so down about my skin and the state it was in.

The last thing I remember before my turn around was having an argument with my mom about my skin. I was fuming, angry and violent not towards my family but towards myself. I screamed, I threw a fit on the floor and pulled hard on my hair before I collapsed in a heap crying in my moms arms. My mom decided to take me to see the local naturopath that very morning.

I met this woman for like 30 minutes for free. I told her my problems and the first thing she suggested was ‘have you tried liver flusing?’ I looked at her with fear. I knew exactly what she was talking about. Cleansing my liver intensively through a series of monthly flushes. ‘Erm no’ I said. ‘Have you heard of it though?’, ‘yes I have but I am a little nervous’, ‘well dear if you want to rid yourself of your health issues? Then get Andreas Moritz book and start flushing, but make sure you get colonics before and after’. ‘OK’ I whispered rather softly and left.

Afterwards, I thought long and hard about the flushes trying to reason with myself that maybe it might be a good thing to try. I decided to go for it. Within a month I had all that was needed to start the cleansing of the liver. The colonic was booked, tablets and salts arrived and I had the book she suggested; there was no turning back. Even though I was a little scared I went for it!

In August 2010 I did my first ever flush and it went well. For a week I almost had 100% clear skin but within the following week it came back as was predicted. Four weeks later I did my second one. The same happened; clear for one week and then the acne came back. It carried on like this until 10 months down the line after my 11th or so flush when my skin finally cleared up and it stayed clear. YIPPEE !

All the flushing paid off. I am now 100% clear and I can eat everything and anything without breaking out. I love my food and the naughty stuff but I do try to eat healthy. I am not a vegetarian as I need my meat and I actually like eating it. My social life has improved drastically and I am now engaged. I will have clear skin for my wedding and I am freaking happy about it.

It was not painful at all. Neither was I sick or ill after drinking the special potion as I like to call it. I won’t go into detail here about flushing as there are so many sites online that describe what it is about. But if you are seriously interested then Andreas Mortiza book ‘The Amazing Liver and Gallballder Flush’ is the one to get. I didn’t have colonics every time simply because they were too expensive. What I did do though was use colosan in powder form the night before and the night after to cleanse the colon and that did the job beautifully.

If you find you are reacting to a lot of foods like I was then please give this a whirl what have you got to lose apart from getting a wonderfully squeaky clean liver!

Good luck beautiful people

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