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How can I reverse the severe wrinkles caused by using benzoyl peroxide for acne? I was only using product for 7 days!

Posted by novembergirl

After researching on websites for treatment for adult acne whilst trying to conceive, I decided to give Benzoyl peroxide a try, after reading such great reviews from various websites.

I bought an over the counter cream - Brevoxyl, which has 4% benzoyl peroxide, and after day 1 thought it was helping my skin.

After 7 days of using, I was alarmed to find my skin had a leathery and wrinkly appearance - loads of fine lines all over the sides of my face (where I had been applying the cream).

I stopped the cream immediately and have been trying to use as rich a face moisturiser as possible (have now binned all acne products), in a desperate hope to reverse the terrible, shocking side effects I have experienced from using this cream.

I am 36 years old and have always had young looking skin - I never sunbathe and I never smoke....however, I now feel as I have aged almost overnight - my wrinkles are now more similar to those I see in my mother, who is aged 74 (she looks great for her age).

I can't believe what I have done to my skin and am desperate to get some qualifed advice as how (or if) I can reverse these drastic side effects.

I am based in the UK, and would appreciate advice from people who are qualified to answer.

Your help is so much appreciated.

Thank you so much. 


I would appreciate advice from anyone who is medically trained and is sure of the advice they provide...



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I had the same thing happen to me just recently. I'm 22 years old and used peroxide on my face for about two weeks. Now two months later my skin looks like my hand in texture & appearance - indentation lines, waxy skin, increased redness, my pores look as if they came to the surface of my skin, and actual wrinkles are beginning to form. I had beautiful skin before. I was just experiencing a stressful period at the time, so I doused my face a little too much with peroxide. 

 I'm looking for answers myself. I've already been to the dermatologist with no luck. I've had microdermabrasion done to see if it could "smooth" the surface- again, no luck.  I'm now going to see a holistic doctor who has helped me with tricky medical conditions in the past. Hopefully he can shed some light into the situation and give me an actual SOLUTION. My dermatologist just informed me that an allergic reaction (as she calls it) should not last for a lengthy period of time, so this cannot be the result of it. I definitely think otherwise and will be seeking opinions elsewhere! 

Tell me if you find out anything in your experiences.  

Not All Acne Medicine is the Same

There are many kinds of acne medicine and they all claim to work great. When you buy acne medicine you should look for a product that has several ingredients that work to fight acne. Some of the ingredients that are used don’t only work to get rid of acne but also help in repairing your skin. You should be paying for acne medicine that works because the ingredients are quality and not because a famous person uses it. Acne medicine can make a big difference in your skin if you use it the way it is meant to be used.

What Works Best For You: Acne Solution

Choosing an acne solution that works for you can be a long and frustrating process because there are so many different brands and you most likely won’t find the right one on the first try. It took me a while to finally find an acne solution that works for me but it was not an easy or comfortable process. Depending on what skin type you have will depend on where you should start looking. You can get lots of ideas for different solutions online as well as from friends. In some cases a doctor might be the best help for you because they can prescribe something just for you


Try to Eliminate Stress: Acne Treatment

It might seem like a task that can’t be done, but when we have less stress in our lives it can be better for your skin. Try and eliminate stress that is not necessary and that you don’t have to have. For some of us, stress is what pushes us to work harder or faster but it can also affect the way our bodies work for us and that includes our skin. Try and notice how your skin reacts to stress and what you can do to eliminate it. Finding an acne treatment that can work for you is just one piece to the puzzle, you must also take care of your body.

Benzoyl Peroxide is a strong exfoliant especially when used in heavy doses. Believe it or not you have dead skin on your face, and some of your microveins are being closed and dried up. Wash your face with baking removes the dead skin, and increases blood circulation by dialating the vessels. Washing in Baking soda alone will cure your acne for most people. Cut out the's not a wivestale,;bacteria live on sugar. Google search this, don't take my word. Good luck. Also helps restore hair if used on the scalp. From the Manager of Shredderhead and The Banned.
Don't be alarmed at your face begining to shed. Try your first treatment on a friday where you have two-three days to observe how you react to the treatment. Each person is different. You can also go 180 and use acid...Vinegar diluted %50 as a facial wash will work...BUT WARNING, THIS TREATMENT WILL CAUSE LARGE CHUNKS OF DEAD SKIN TO PEEL OFF OF YOUR FACE. IT WILL FORM A HARD SCAB OVER YOUR WHOLE FACE. DO NOT PEEL IT. When it falls off 3-5 days, you will be amazed at the young skin that is now showing. I recommend the baking soda, it's much gentler than the acid. good luck. If you enjoyed this article, please stop by and support, as they've been runnin' no#1 in TX for 7 months straight now.

I am using BP as well. 

And I am doing great on it :)

The trick is: you HAVE to use a very moisturizing moisturizer (:P) after the application and absorbtion of the BP product you use.

Also, please try and find a BP product, that contains less of a percentage of BP. 2.5% is perfect. I consider anything above 2.5% as too much and way too harsh on the already very sensitive acne prone skin.

My skin for example is naturally dry, which is unusual for acne patients.

If you feel that your moisurizer is not helping, please add up to 5 drops of jojoba oil to the amount of moisurizer you apply to your face, swirl it and then gently apply this moisture bomb to your face.

Also make sure to use sunscreen when using BP. :)

Additional notes:

1. NEVER apply BP to the thin and extremely sensitive skin around your eyes!

2. When using a BP product, start slow! Don't use a lot of the product the first days... once you find your skin is handling the product well enough, you can add more, before applying your moisturizer. 

3. You could also decide to only use BP at nighttime while sleeping. And during daytime, you could use your moisture bomb moisturizer only and your makeup of course if you want. 

Hope I could give some helpful tips.! 



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