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How can I reduce/cure my abscesses?

Posted by NyteSinner

I have had abscesses for over five years. I use to have a few once in awhile, but my worse was in 2006, which led to me being in the hospital for a week to be treated. It had grown inward instead of out. I had also gotten another while in the hospital, the strange thing was that it was two totally different infections.

 Ever since then, I have had an average of 2-5 abcesses within a week. Usually it would be when one finally goes away, another appears, but other times, I could have them all at once in different spots. I have done everythig the doctor told me to do, I wash up in anti-bactireal soap, I put the cream on when they come up even take the pills. But nothing seems to be a real fix, or showing any signs or reducing or disappearing. I still seems to get them alot, and it seems like my doctor is treating them as if they were any ordinary abscess that an average person may get. Sure they might be, but I also think they fail to understand just how many I get, and how bad I can get them. Most times I have to go and get them lanced because they will not burst, or go away. As well as it gets annoying. I don't want to be in pain everyday cause I have an abscess. It's very uncomfortable. I just want answers, could their be more to this then just an average abscess. I have asked my friends and told them, and sure they have had them, but they have never had them as bad as I do.

 I suppose I should let you know I am overweight, as well as have a skin condition called psoriasis.

I hope you can answer this or possibly point me to a doctor that could better help me with this. I have already discussed this with my primary and dermatology doctor, and it just seems they are either treating it as nothing important, or they honestly can't give me an answer. I not saying to cure me, or if they can reduce them, but I'd just like to know are their other causes to this, could I have something slightly rare about me that isn't often seen. I guess I just really want to know what is going on with my body and why am I producing so many of these. That is all.

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