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How ca I get rid of spots on my son's body and legs?

Posted by SpotsJC

My 15 year old son developed some red spots on his legs. A few weeks later there were more. From his toes till about to his hips - nothing on the chest, neck and face. The arms also has them. It was redish and small at first. I took him to a dermatologist in October 2009. Blood samples were sent to the lab. Biopsy were done. Nothing irregular was found. It is not itching. He does not have a fever. The dermatologist said he is healthy and that we need not worry. He was discharge with no medication, as they could not find anything wrong with him medically - but these leopard-like spots are there, and it is a lot. Since November 2009, these spots has now somehow got bigger and are no longer reddish, but brown in colour. It looks as if all the small spots that were next to each other have now joined and formed bigger spots. They are still not itching or causing any fever. But this is affecting my son, as he refuse to play or go with his friends. He is indoors all day.

I am his parent, and he is healthy, but these spots on his legs and body are mentally getting to him.

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