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Hospitals risk losing specialists in ERs

Posted Dec 04 2005 12:00am

“Many hospitals, including a few in the Dayton area, are finding it difficult to get specialist doctors to respond to emergency room calls.”

People don’t realize that emergency departments of hospitals don’t have many plastic surgeons at times to come care for the patients. It is pretty simple: money and liability.

If you want plastic surgeons to take an interest, your insurance company needs to pay a specialist enough to allow him to make a profit without exposing him to undue liability. Well, emergencies pay poorly and expose surgeons to much more liability than better paying cosmetic work. And this assumes that the patient is insured. Many emergency patients are “freebies.”

Just try to get a plumber to come to your house at 3 AM and tell him he is doing it free half the time.

I have limited my emergency room exposure in response and dropped Provider status for most insurance plans. You might see me in the ER, but you might end up paying in addition to your insurance company to do so.

Until Later,

John Di Saia MD


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