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Home Cure for Ringworm - 3 amazing Ringworm Home Remedy

Posted Sep 20 2009 12:50pm

If you are ready for a Home Cure for Ringworm, then it's about time to give up your ointments as you won't be needing that anymore. If your ointment temporarily relieves the itch but doesn't really cure the infection, then it means that the fungus are immune to the chemical that you are using. You might want to change that to a right treatment or you'll be spending your whole life buying creams and growing ringworms.

I used to have that ring on my skin too but after following this ringworm home remedy that my love ones has taught me, I finally lose it. Different people got different types of skin but this one has worked on me and if you apply these instructions carefully, I guarantee that it'll work on you too. Now, the ringworm fungus survives and feed on the wet part of our body so be sure to always dry the infected area as this is our most important step in fighting ringworm.

Absorbine jr. for Ringworm Treatment

As always, our first step is to wash the infected part and dry it thoroughly. Apply the Absorbine jr. three times a day. This solution is recommended for adults only as it may sting much that a young child could not handle. But it will stop the fungal infection the very first day and dry out the ringworm in a week till it's gone. Good for infected areas that are open and easier to reach. Proven by lots of people and is the best way to cure resistant ringworm infection. It costs $9 and you can buy it on your local CVS or online.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Ringworm Treatment

If you want a natural treatment for ringworm then Apple cider vinegar is the right choice. ACV in any shape or form will fight every fungal infection and allergies on your body. You may take two teaspoon twice a day, if you prefer to take it orally but for faster results I suggest Apply a few drops of the vinegar on a cotton ball and rub it around gently on the infected area. Though it still involves a slight burning feeling, the stinging tells you that it's already working. Apple cider vinegar is also widely used home cure for ringworm in children, effective for kids and adults that have ringworm in their scalp. And also a safe treatment for your pet cats that have ringworms for this won't kill your pet if they licked it.

Garlic for Ringworm Treatment

Garlic has been used for ages and is best known for it's amazing anti-fungal properties. Though it has an undesirable smell, it kills fungus better than over the counter creams. You can use fresh cloves of garlic to rub directly on the ringworm or buy a pure garlic oil for easier usage without the peeling and crushing involved.

Ringworm is contagious and can be easily spread on just about anyone. If you have a ringworm, do not share your towel to your kids or to any member of your family. You can decide to stop the infestation and wipe out itchy ringworm now without a trace in less than a week with this amazing ringworm cure. Click here.

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