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Hendry’s Wife’s Surgeon Still Operating – How to Assess Plastic Surgeon Malpractice

Posted Aug 19 2009 12:00am

Looking at this UK liposuction-related death by way of example, we can see a pattern that just might help people looking to assess a potential plastic surgeon. Not every medical malpractice action is with merit these days, but there are ways to infer that a legal case might have been justified:

The cosmetic surgeon whose botched liposuction led to the death of the wife of former footballer Colin Hendry is still operating on patients in Sweden, Sky News can reveal.

The term “botched liposuction” by itself means little. That which constitutes a botched operation is debatable. Some operations are higher risk to have problems.

She received a considerable out-of-court settlement from the doctor’s insurers in 2003 after the original procedure at Broughton Park Hospital, Lancashire, left her with nine punctures to her small intestine and colon.

Nine bowel punctures is a huge number. An “out-of-court settlement” means even his lawyers knew he was in trouble. These are both signs that malpractice just might have occurred here.

In addition to Mrs Hendry, at least 16 other women came forward to take legal action against the surgeon.

Not just one former patient took legal action. In this case, at least sixteen did. One legal action is not damning. Sixteen might be.

Mr Aniansson then voluntarily removed himself from the British medical register in 2003, meaning he could no longer practice in the UK.

But by doing so he avoided a public hearing into his alleged blunders and the General Medical Council (GMC) issued no warning about his surgery to other countries.

When a doctor voluntarily resigns giving up his ability to practice to avoid a hearing, that is a sign that he figured that he would be found lacking.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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