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Health Insurance – Force Employers to Pay or Single Payer System?

Posted Aug 21 2005 12:00am

As usual government, this time in New York, fails to focus on the problem. Instead they plan to just pass the bill. In Long Island, legislation to force large retailers to pay for employee health insurance is in the wings.

Health insurance costs are a big problem in the United States and the States have been taking a beating. Well, let me tell you doctors and hospitals are taking a beating as well. Emergency room call panels are poorly and under staffed as doctors realize that they can spend all night working to be paid nothing. This does not sit well with high overhead. Essentially that is paying to work.

Government should focus on why the problem exists and not put up more legislation to make “big box” retailers fund health insurance companies. These retailers will just respond by sticking it to the consumer. Health insurance is a shell game of sorts anyway. No surgeon I know makes good money with insurance business. The insurance companies make the money here. Why force Walmart to pay for health insurance? The government should not be in the health insurance business in the first place. Government’s meddling starting with Medicare has lead to insurers getting richer, and hospitals and doctors having a hard time staying open.

Instead government might want to take a look at tort reform to make the cost of care less. Another suggestion would be to allow doctors faced with “no pay” emergencies to do something with this “unrealized gain” like a tax break. Then you can get doctors back into emergency care and fewer quacks will be out playing plastic surgeon without the proper training.

In New York, they will just try to make the “big box” stores pay the bill.


John Di Saia MD

Addendum (8/21/05):

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