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Healing With Flower Power

Posted Sep 01 2011 10:56pm

Flower power is just awesome when it comes to healing the skin and I have been blessed once again with insight through my own recent journey as I help to heal myself from skin and digestive issues. Flower power isn’t just the hippy airy fairy 60’s stuff !! its real and it comes in many different forms. For example I have been taking herbal and floral tea infusions. Using macerate and infused flower oils, essential oils made from flowers, flower essences or energetic medicines and floral waters (or hydrosols as they are technically known).

My area of expertise being Clinical Aromatherapy it is really no wonder that I constantly come back to this idea of healing with Flower Power!!! I just love it and sometimes I have so much to share I don’t even know where to start! So today I thought I would start with one amazing flower that I have been using a lot again recently that was almost forgotten in my usual repertoire of ingredients. That’s the wonderful blessed thing about going through your own healing crisis as a practitioner – you get to reignite your passion for certain ingredients or techniques you may not have used in a while.

So what is it you ask? Why a simple daisy ! perhaps the eternal symbol of 60’s Flower power. The type of daisy I am talking about is actually known as the Marigold or Calendula and it’s botanical name is Calendula Offcianalis. It is from the daisy family – Asteracae and is used as both a culinary and medicinal herb. It looks like the common daisy except that it is completely yellow including the petals which gives it a lovely golden glow and reflects very closely the energy of the sun and also the solar plexus chakra.

This truly healing flower has such wonderful properties that it can be used for almost any condition that requires healing but it is particularly synonymous with skin conditions and is often the ‘go to’ flower for any naturopath/herbalist/clinical aromatherapist for skin conditions from acne to eczema, rosacea or even dermatitis from unknown causes. I would say this is due to its natural ability to heal wounds and abrasions, reduce dryness/redness/irritation and also its potent anti-inflammatory action. Pretty much all skin conditions ( including ageing!!) stem from inflammation in the body so anything that is a powerful anti-inflammatory can be put to great use. There is even now research evidence of its anti-tumour activity which I predict will be invaluable in the future of herbal medicine. It can also be used to prevent infection which is very important in the case of acne where there are abrasions present.

The petals of this bright flower are also edible and can be eaten or infused to make teas, decoctions or tinctures which can be taken internally. I highly recommend Calendula tea ( more than likely as part of a tea blend when bought commercially) for digestive healing for complaints such as IBS, constipation or IBD  and Crohns disease. It also has great effect on healing the skin when taken internally as herbal medicine or daily as a tea. The detoxifying action of Calendula comes from the fact that it is a blood cleanser as well as the fact that it helps in reducing internal inflammation. Always purchase high quality and preferably Organic or wild-crafted Calendula where possible and make a tea from the dried herb by infusing in water ( not boiling) for at least 5mins.

One of the ways I have been fortunate to use this gorgeous flower lately is in a CO2 extraction which means it is more similar in its composition to an essential oil which means that unlike an infusion or tincture which may be 4-6 times stronger than the plant itself, this CO2 extraction is as much as 45 times stronger. I use it blended at 25% in jojoba oil which is still quite strong and you can see the bright yellow colour of the flower on your skin and so I have further diluted it in the beautiful Tamanu oil which also contains ‘essential oil-like’ elements so this makes for a very potent very powerful practitioner strength skincare healing blend. To be perfectly honest with you it has been my secret weapon in the last two weeks to heal the painful acne that has appeared on my face as a result of continuing to promote digestive health and detoxification. The anti-inflammatory power was instant and obvious. Not only are the painful abrasions clearing up but also the texture and quality of the skin has improved and so far I can see no further acne appearing ( YAY!!!!). I will continue using this blend for a couple of weeks to ensure that deeper level healing of the dermis takes place. Point to note – no white cotton pillow cases at this time because they will end up yellow from all the tamanu and calendula !!! I have been sleeping on purple sheets and the energetic combo of yellow and purple for knowledge and wisdom ( Knowledge in action) has not been missed on me!!

Lastly I would say about Calendula that the doctrine of signatures ( the message of the plant from its appearance) is very clear to me here – the sun-like qualities of the flower suggest empowerment, self-knowledge, self-esteem, independence, strength and physical energy. This plant, as well as all the physical healing of tissues would also be helping us to clear negative patterns from our subconscious an our cellular tissues so great for confidence and esteem issues connected with the skin or digestive imbalances. Also great for helping those who hide behind their skin issues or follow repetitive conditioned patterns like skin-picking or purging. All in all a great flower for most of us I think, to reconnect to the core of who we are and what our purpose is, to enhance self-love and bring the shadow self into the golden light. I hope this information can help you on your healing journey as it has helped me, and please remember if you need assistance or advice that is more personalised please book in for a consultation with me and I guarantee that you will receive a healing journey suited to you. Until next skin dinner time! …..Yum

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