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groin bacterial infection

Posted by mitchy76

I have been diagnosed with a bacterial infection that covers the testicles, the inside of the thighs and the buttocks. It is uncomfortable, especially toward the end of the day, prevents me sleeping well and is embarrassing given the area affected.

I had had it for several months before visiting my GP. Firstly I was incorrectly diagnosed with excema and given a stronger moisturising cream Double base and hydrocortisone. The hydrocortisone relieved the itching slightly but it did not clear up. I was then given a steroid with antifungal to try over a short period. It still didn’t clear up.

I was then told i didn’t have excema but in fact tinea and was prescribed anti fungal over a long period. No success. They then prescribed me an oral antifungal. On visiting another GP at the same clinic they did a swab test and prescribed daktarin cream and an oral antifungal initially, then following the results of the swab they told it was in fact a bacterial infection and prescribed me antibiotics and clorimazole 1 % cream (to clear up any possible fungal elements). The antibiotics seemed to keep it at bay, stopped it spreading but never entirely cleared it up. Following the end of the course (couple of weeks) it quickly flared up again. I returned and was told to keep using clorimazole 1 % cream and to try another antibiotic flucloxacillin 500g which not only stopped the spread of the infection but killed it. I tried this over 3-4 weeks four times day. While it seemed to have an affect on the infection when using it it did not completely kill it and the GP suggested that this was all they could do to address the problem if it had not cleared up.

I am at my wits end having spent a lot of money on cream and medicines over the last few months and am still troubled by this infection. I am still using clotrimazole a coiuple of times a day but it is not having a significant affect on the infection. I dry thoroughly after bathing, ensure the area is clean and dry after exercise, wear baggier/airier clothing to alleviate the affect,  am not overweight, use a separate towel, etc.

A couple of questions:

What else can i try? Am i expected to have this indefinitely?

Is it worth bathing with anti-bacterial soaps?

Is clotrimazole actually useful for targeting a bacterial infection or only fungal infection?

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