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Good Advice for Plastic Surgeons

Posted May 27 2009 10:20pm

Why do some cosmetic surgeons get sued much more often than others? How can surgeons minimize the risks of malpractice suits?

It may not have as much to do with the quality of their work as it does with their personalities and how they relate to their patients. This is the advice of Dr. Mark Gorney. He sums up his advice thus;

- The personality of the practitioner can be the main problem that leads to lawsuits.
- Be aware that patient selection is very important. Do not agree to perform surgery on someone who doesn't seem like a good candidate no matter how badly you need the money.

He says;

"As I look at some of my high-profile colleagues I am struck by certain personality characteristics that the most successful among them have in common: that odd combination of charm, sensitivity, and warmth often referred to as bedside manner by the public. This elusive quality — developing a rapport with the patient — is any physician's best protection from eventually being sued by that patient."

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