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Going With The Flow Of Life Can Sometimes Make The Journey A Little Less Bumpy

Posted Oct 16 2010 10:49pm

I’m writing this article from a hotel room in LA. I’m actually not supposed to be here, I was supposed to land in Brisbane (Australia) about seven hours ago. Moments before our flight was scheduled to leave, a truck working around the concourse accidentally hit the wing of our plane damaging it badly enough to cancel our flight. We were all given our bags back, a hotel to stay in, a meal ticket, and a number to call in the morning to check the progress of our departure.

I kind of feel sorry for the airline because it’s been one disaster after another. The baggage carousel broke down at the same time so they had to manually pull down our bags that got stuck half way and haphazardly display them around the baggage claim area. Then our hotel shuttle didn’t turn up, and when it did it could only fit twenty of us in at a time. The hotel would only honor our $50 meal ticket for one meal per day, and the airline number we were given to call had an “on hold” waiting average of around two hours. I spoke to one man today who actually waited at the hotel reception desk on hold with the airline for five hours!

So 24 hours after our plane was announced grounded I’m sitting in this LA airport hotel still with no idea when I’m going to get to leave the US and return home. But what can I do apart from make the most of it?

It’s been interesting watching the reactions of others and how they deal with this stressful situation. When I found out that it was going to be at least 48 hours before I could get on another flight, I rented a car and spent today going to all my favorite places in LA. I had a great raw meal at La Cru, hung out a farmers market, spent two hours in the Bhodi Tree bookstore, and grabbed a tonic and cruised the aisles at Erewhon market. Then I came back to the hotel for a hot shower, room service, a movie and a bit of work. It was actually a really good day.

There were others on the same flight however who didn’t have such a fantastic day. They refused to leave the hotel with an absolute determination not to spend a single cent of their own money. They made sure to stay in the hotel and use the free meal at the below average airport hotel restaurant. And when an airline representative eventually turned up to sit at the hotel reception for several hours as a portal of communication for us, they hounded him aggressively with some obviously very pent up questions they’d been harboring since the moment we were herded out of the airport and into this hotel.

Being in their space I could feel their energy. It was frustrated, angry and desperate. I felt for both them and the airline representative because neither of them wanted to be in that situation and both of them was equally as hopeless and helpless. The customer just wanted to know what was going on and the airline rep was just the messenger for a bunch of employees who were trying their hardest to squeeze a very large amount of people onto existing flights – all because of an accident out of something so simple as human error.

It’s in these situations that I feel so strongly that it’s best to just let life unfold in the direction that it’s unfolding for you instead of trying to fight against it. The image I have in mind is like trying to walk up an escalator that’s going down. You can make it up and feel plenty of victory but gosh it’s a lot of extra hard work. Going all the way down then taking the up escalator is a much smoother and more pleasurable ride because you’re going with the flow.

Flow is everywhere in nature. Streams, currents, the wind, the way trees bend or twist, the way we dance, the energy field around our body – I could list so many infinite examples of the “flow” in our personal body and in the body of nature. I love to look towards nature for advice because it’s so much older and wiser than we are. The Earth has been around for quite a lot more time than we have so it knows how to live in harmony with the Universe much better than we do.

So by going with the flow in this stressful situation I’ve had such a smooth ride. I’ve best made use of the time and it has all worked out okay, in fact really well. Sure I’ve missed a couple of work commitments and was disappointed that I had to wait an extra couple of days before I get to see my friends again, but so be it! Everything in the flow with the divine has such beautiful perfect timing. And if you allow the space of stillness and reflection to observe what may be presented to you in these situations, whether it’s a lesson, an opportunity or a synchronicity, I’m sure you’ll find there’s always a reason for it that makes this “flow” of life so incredibly perfect.

Interestingly, half way through writing this article I took a break and pottered out to the reception to ask the airline representative what the status of bookings was. As it turns out I’m booked to head home in about 24 hours, and the large bunch of cranky and upset people are having to wait an extra two days. It just seems so strange to me that even though they started calling the airline several hours earlier than me I managed to get on a flight so much earlier than them. Trips me out how these things work out sometimes!

But you must flow with an open heart

Before I finish up this article I want to stress that going with the flow does not mean you can sit back, put your feet up and sail through life without following the light because everything will likely come crashing down around you. The number one most important thing about going with the flow is your attunement with the Universe. This can mean something different for everyone. It could mean your heart is open, it could mean you have a strong and loving connection to your spiritual way of life, a deep connection to nature, a regular yoga or meditation practice .. there are so many avenues to “tuning in” to this divine connection that allows us to hop on board the gentle flow of the Universe.

For example, if I took my focus completely off my spirituality for a moment and closed off my heart, and decided to step a little sideways from the direction of light and love, then I could quite easily jump on the wrong boat. By polluting our bodies and minds with junk foods, TV, negative and toxic environments, selfish acts and destructive relationships, we’re obviously not going to be completely in tune with the flow of a divine direction. We may find ourself getting bogged in a swamp. So an important part of getting into the flow is to clear a beautiful path of love and light. And the method of clearing this path is going to be different for everyone. You don’t need to be doing yoga and meditation every day, even just doing something simple like watching less TV, going for regular walks in nature and eating organic foods can do the trick. It’s whatever you feel is going to move you towards a more conscious and therefore lighter path. And then will you truly be in the flow and you too can enjoy a smooth ride in a stressful time like my example in this airport hotel room in LA.

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