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For Those Of You Who Were Wondering, Here Is My Hair Routineā€¦

Posted Oct 02 2009 10:00pm

my hair about a month ago I’ve recently had quite a few compliments and questions about my hair and my hair routine, which I find quite humorous considering just the other day I was watching a video of mine and thinking how wild my hair was looking and how desperately overdue I was for a hair cut!

So for those of you who were complimenting, thank you for thinking my hair is looking great, and not at all like a crazy lions mane which is kind of how I’ve been referring to it lately.

And for those of you who were asking, here is my very basic hair routine-

I mix up my shampoo and conditioner quite a bit, but I always end up going back to my all time favorite brand that never fails to make my hair look fantastic. I actually wrote a blog post about the brand, Giovanni, a little over a year ago while I was living in Canada. I’d just finished up with a very expensive brand of shampoo that you can only buy at the hair salon, and I decided to go back to my trusty Giovanni. My hair responded beautifully straight away, as usual. It made me wonder why I bothered with the store bought expensive brand in the first place. AND Giovanni is a natural product.

You can read my blog post about Giovanni here - I’m In Love With Giovanni Organic Cosmetics

Redken Heat Protective To be honest, I don’t do too much else to it. I wash my hair every second or third day in the morning, and air dry it, unless I need to go out then I’ll point a hair dryer at it but won’t bother doing any “blow dry” styling. I do have a product that I use if I am using a hair dryer which helps prevent that frizzy or brittle look from using too much heat. It’s a chemical product though so if you ONLY like using natural products then this one isn’t for you. But I don’t use it on my scalp, only on my hair so I’m not too worried about it. It’s from Redken and it’s called Heat Protective. I’ve had one bottle for AGES now and it really does last a long time. Or that may be because I’m so lazy with my hair and only remember to use it every other blow dry.

The one thing I always do, well …90% of the time …is use my GHD to go with my natural wave and at a little extra curl. I absolutely love my GHD and don’t think I could live without it. When I travelled to North America last year my GHD didn’t work on that side of the world so I bought a brand new hair straightener. So now I have my northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere hair straighteners. Sounds extremely lame but I tell you what - it’s so worth it. And I don’t spend too long doing it either. My hair “waving” doesn’t take long anyway, I’ll spend a good five or ten minutes on it before I’m happy with it (and a little bored anyway).

my GHD

So really that’s it. I wish I could tell you something more glamorous but really that’s all I do. Hair dressers keep selling me new products and keep advising me to use this wax or this serum or this whatever, and I never seem to be able to keep the habit up. I prefer the natural look anyway, and my face is long and thin so I kind of like it a bit wild. Oh, and I’ve never dyed my hair before either. I do feel incredibly lucky to have a natural color that I absolutely love so I’m not planning on going down the dying my hair path anytime soon. But if you DO dye your hair then please keep in mind that there are many options for natural and organic hair dyes out there.

Your Health And The Health Of Your Hair

Just like the state of our skin, I’m quite confident that the state of our hair has a lot to do with our general health and well being. I’ve certainly noticed that when I’ve improved my diet, practiced regular relaxation, exercised often and worked towards a happier and healthier mind, my hair (as well as my skin) has improved significantly.

So really, the best thing you can do to help the health and appearance of your hair, is to lead a healthy and abundant life style. Because what we put on the inside and how much care we give our body and mind, certainly does affect the health and our beauty on the outside.

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