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Flat Stomach Scams

Posted Apr 03 2009 11:19pm 1 Comment

There are a lot of 'flat stomach' and 'whiter teeth' advertising scams proliferating online. The ads lead to testimonials, which lead you to buy the product 'for free' but ask for your credit card. Then your credit card is charged monthly and it is very difficult to cancel the payments.

The best analysis of these scams that we've seen is this excellent article posted today; The Anatomy of a Web Advertising Scam: Investigating the people behind those sketchy flat-stomach ads.

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The pics shown above are indeed the same model, but there is no way she could have regained the muscle tone in her belly in the 8 weeks the ad claims. This is probably more of a "during" and after picture. The results shown would take three months at the very least, and that would be doing at least an hour  of very strenuous ab work for at least three days a week.(there is NO way the model in the "before" pic could do it!!) There are actually "casting calls" for these type of models, most of whom are "new moms" who are not overweight, but have a very weak looking, soft stomach that can be re-toned relatively quickly, giving the product, or workout gadget in question some degree of credibility. Most people know the difference, but kudos to you for bringing it to the light for those who do not!! 
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