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Female with severe itchy red pinpoint skin rash w/and after fentanyl patch use, can you help me?

Posted by Nicholas A. Facebook

during use of fentanyl, develped welps with blisters itchy skin on extremety. 20 days of prednisone, welps n blisters gone. now all 4 extremeties, arms upper and lower, not on hands. abd and sides.back covered. along undergarment lines at first then spread above pubic area, none on genital area. behind knees and upper front thigh spreadin out and down. Has also started under breast most recent.

Each new area starts red pin pont very itchy, no puss, no infection, no blisters, after 24-48 of pinpoint red begins to have welps on skin between pin point.

if scratched, itchy but healing scabbed areas and new area show up. no one else in household has. sleep w/husband. animals have no sores.

bactroban -no help.prednisone 20 day initial sores healing and got rid of huge welps. Fentanyl patch dc'd a month ago. OTC temp relief. anxious feet and hands, right in center- Ativan 0.5 has calmed this horrid sensation. Anxiety, insomnia, my poor skin looks like chicken pox plus pinpoint rashing. Worsened over a 2 mo period, believe me the itching is worse than the pain was.

fam MD stumped, Derm find out when i get seen. Please advise. I can not find a picture that matches my rashing have looked at hundreds.

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