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Facial skin

Posted by sabreen

My facial skin constantly burns and is red everytime i come out of the shower my facial skin is peeled off in areas around my nose cheeks and forehead also my chin. My skin is red and very irritated at times when i itch my face, my skin peels and its just like when you erase an erases and bits of the eraser are left on your paper well yea thats exactly how my skin is...ive tried buying a cetaphil moisturizer but my skin still the same....HELP please
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Be sure to check your cleanser.  If your skin feels tight and dry (or peeling off your face!) after washing your cleaser is most likely too strong.  Look for a low or no sulfate cleanser and be sure that when you wash the water is not too hot.  For face use a good hydrating serum and moisturizer.  If you have any more question or need some more recommendations don't hesitate to ask.  I also give skin consults online at my store
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