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Facial Fillers in The UK - Horror Story

Posted Mar 13 2009 3:13pm
Daily Mail

On a whim, she decided to book in for cheek 'enhancement', an injectable water-based filler treatment. It would, she hoped, give her an indefinable, more youthful appearance.

She has been left permanently disfigured - with a sausage-shaped lump under one eye and a series of constantly moving lumps around the other.

Extraordinarily, given testimonies like these, use of cosmetic fillers in Britain is almost entirely unregulated. There are no fewer than 74 different cosmetic 'plumping agents' available, and no requirement for specialist training for the doctors or beauty therapists offering them - or insurance if things go wrong.

By contrast, in America, the home of anti-ageing procedures, cosmetic fillers are viewed as medical products. They are closely regulated and have to undergo full testing. As a result, only eight of them have been approved as entirely safe for human use.

I was unaware that facial fillers were so free of regulation in the UK. This woman probably had a non-water soluble agent injected. These are poor choices under thin skin. Injecting near the eyes can be tricky with any substance. Of course the level of experience of the doctor is critical. We don't regulate that here either.

It is nice to hear we still do something better here in the US.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD
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