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Face and eyes swollen with small blister like rash on face and chest, taking Bactrim most swelling gone- rash is worse. Anyone

Posted by Kris

In February of 2009 I woke up and my face and eyes were very swollen and red. They gave me bactrim for almost three weeks and the swelling did go away. My face broke out with small blisters in patches on my face. They put me in the hospital and gave me antibiotics intraveniously, and it completly cleared up. They diagnosed me with Cellulitis. Since then it has come and gone until now. The swelling on my face happened again and I'm on Bactrim 2 pills twice a day and doxycyline. Swelling is gone, but the small blister like rash is on my face and has now covered my chest and it itches. My bloodwork was fine.
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