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Eye Serum or Eye Gel - Which Eye Treatment is the Best

Posted Jul 07 2009 6:00pm

Have you ever noticed that eye treatment have a series of different names, yet each of them claim to do pretty much the same thing.  Eye gels are often considered the latest and most effective of the different types of eye treatments, yet many consumers claim that eye serums are the way to go.  How is a consumer to choose the between the two?

Lets take a look at both types of products and determine for yourself which one is for you.  The best eye gels have to be a balanced formula.  A slight mistake in the formulation and these gels become sticky and tacky making them uncomfortable to wear despite their effectiveness.  But when these gels are done correctly, the unique delivery of the gel allows for both deep penetration of the skin as well as a coating seal protecting the skin from further damage.  Eye gels are very advanced and can be the fastest working eye treatments known to experts. 

Eye serums usually treat the same symptoms although some occasionally only treat some of the aspects of aging eyes rather than all of them.  But the best eye serums  will be all encompassing treating each of the three major concerns with the eyes.  Wrinkle treatment, dark circles and undereye bags are treated by both the best eye gels and serums.  Eye serums tend to be a bit larger in size, providing consumers with more product and therefore a bit more value despite their cost.  The best eye serums will use a blend of peptides and anti oxidant minerals such as copper or gold.  This unique formulas both heal existing symptoms of aging as well as protect from future damage. 

If you are considering purchasing an eye treatment for yourself you may want to compare which product is better for you.  By reading the best eye gel reviews  you can learn more about which products work the best.  But also be sure to read the best eye serum reviews as well in order to make a balanced and well educated decision.  By taking the time to look a bit further into your purchases before you make them, you will have an increased chance of enjoying the product you ulitmately decide upon.

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