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Eye lid swelling, fatigue, hot flashes and possibly related rash?

Posted by CLWell

One fine day during a drive, my eyelids randomly swelled, I was getting hot flashes and I became tired and unable to really concentrate on much.

I have since been to the ER, a walk in, now I belong to a clinic and so far we have only figured out what it's not. I have had a chest xray, seen an allergist who tested me for environmentals and I've gotten an echocardiogram. I've also been tested for Lyme, Mono and some viruses. Everything comes back OK.

 I've had two episodes with the eye lids. The first time, they remained swelled for a little more than a week. The second time, only for a couple days. During the first longer episode, for the first few days I was just tired and "spacey", I was unable to concentrate on anything, even things I really liked. Eventually if slowly seemed to go away. Over a month later, I am two days after the second episode and I am currently experiencing weird hot flashes. I get heat waves as if I had IcyHot all over. I sometimes sweat. My face gets red, then it will go away.

Right before my second episode, I broke out with a few bumps on one of my arms. They are small white circles with a red, slightly raised bump in the middle. They itch, but mostly only when they're touched.

I'm a 27-year-old female. 

 What's going on here? 

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