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Expert Service Review: XTreme Lashes by Allison Roth Studio (Eyelashes by Allison)

Posted Feb 25 2010 6:27pm

By futurederm Thursday February 25, 2010

Photo courtesy XTreme Lashes

Every once in a while in the beauty industry, a trend emerges that is so great, everyone you know starts to look different – and never looks back.  Such was the case in the 1980’s with cool-toned makeup, in the 90’s with primer, and today with eyelashes.  Whether through Latisse, over-the-counter eyelash growth treatments or false lashes, it seems hardly anyone is walking around with stubby lashes – and certainly no one is getting married or celebrating a huge photographed event without batting a full 1000.  

That said, I recently emerged from Snowmageddon 2010 and headed on over to Allison Roth Studio , the only studio in Pittsburgh currently officially certified to feature  XTreme Lashes , false eyelashes that stay on indefinitely, even through showering, swimming – you name it.  The secret to XTreme Lashes seems to be its XL Fusion Eyelash Adhesive , which is a waterproof acrylate polymer also used in medical processes for wound closure .  The creator of XTreme Lashes, Jo Mousselli, is a former registered nurse who seems to have gone through great lengths to ensure the safety of XL Fusion Eyelash Adhesive , as well as for the procedure itself – all Lash Stylists must take an XTreme Lashes training course to become licensed through XTreme Lashes.

The entire procedure takes about 60-120 minutes.  During the procedure, the lash stylist will apply each lash extension meticulously, one by one, for a total of 25 to 100 eyelash extensions per eye.  Allison, my certified Lash Stylist, was extremely warm and accommodating, even going so far as to offer a drink, my choice of music, and a warm blanket.  She also has a very warm and fun personality, which makes it so easy to ask questions and to tell her exactly what you want (or don’t want)!  The process was easy – lay down, have eyelid taped, have eyelashes attached, fall asleep (optional) – and I opened my eyes to see a brand-new set of lashes!  More information about the procedure is available through the XTreme Lashes website .

Perhaps the only reservation about XTreme Lashes is the cost, which costs slightly more than Latisse (currently $100/month).  Because lashes grow (approximately 0.2 mm/month for most healthy individuals), the lash extensions must be “filled” every 2 to 3 weeks.  At the Allison Roth Studio , the initial set is currently $225-400, with the lower price for 25-35 extensions (a “mini set”), and the higher, more impressive version as 75-100 extensions.  Fills cost $45-95 after 2 weeks, and $85-175 after 3 weeks.  (The lashes must be filled within 3 weeks, or else you end up having to purchase a whole new set.)   Getting right down to it, filling your eyelashes every 2 weeks amounts to $121-144/month over the course of 1 year (filling every 3 weeks amounts to $115-138/month), which is pretty reasonable, particularly if you consider that Latisse ($100/month) takes 2-3 months to see the result, and that not everyone is a suitable candidate for Latisse to begin with (light eye color, history of glaucoma, etc.) 

The greatest lesson I think I learned through the process was that regular eyelash extensions can damage your eyelashes .  It turns out that not only can regular eyelash adhesive cause allergic reactions on the eyelids of some individuals, but the adhesive glue can also cause your eyelashes to break, as your eyelashes clump together and fall out when you try to separate them (with mascara or otherwise).  I personally had tried regular store brand eyelash extensions a few weeks before visiting the Allison Roth Studio, and was promptly informed that some of my eyelashes were too broken and damaged for eyelash extensions (no full set for me)!   Still, I hope that some of my readers are forewarned about what regular false eyelash use can do to your lashes.   

It isn’t cheap, but XTreme Lashes  has really made a huge difference in my look, and I feel it was well-worth the cost!  The XTreme lash extensions are near-instant, do not seem to pose any risks, and are completely waterproof – a dream come true!  Overall, I’m an enthusiastic new fan of XTreme Lashes, and I look forward to sticking with them for many years into the future.  P.S. – I will post pictures after my damaged lashes grow in and I can upgrade!

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