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Eczema Natural Remedy - 3 Tips to Beat Eczema Naturally

Posted Jan 16 2010 1:02am

"The itching was driving me mad. I tried not to scratch it but I always absently strayed and ended up rubbing my skin raw till it bled. That was not the worst thing either... it then became infected. I hate my eczema so much and no matter what creams and ointments I use it keeps coming back!" If this sounds like your own thoughts then I sympathize fully as I once was in the same position. However if you are at your wits end then you may be interested in an eczema natural remedy to not just relieve the eczema flare ups but also to beat the underlying problems that are making flare ups possible too.

1. Moisturize Inside and Out

To prevent dry skin you need to keep your body well moisturized. This is not just a case of using creams and ointments though but they can help. The job of keeping skin healthy also need internal remedies so the skin becomes less dry because the body transports water to the skin from within.

As such the amount of water you drink is important. Makes sure to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to make sure you are replacing all lost fluids. You should however then start trying to drink more water than this to force some more moisture to your skin (no need to overdo it though.).

Make sure this is WATER too.... Not juice or coffee or anything sweetened or with preservatives for reasons that will be explained soon. Pure water only. Also make sure to bathe regularly but with a few conditions:

  • Make the baths or showers short as too much bathing can actually dry the skin out and remove natural oils on the skin that help lock in moisture.
  • Make sure the temperature is only lukewarm not hot nor cold.
  • When you are finished use your favorite natural moisturizing creams to lock in the moisture. Do not use scented ones, go for the most bland and organic options to avoid any chance of allergic reactions

2. Magic Oatmeal

OK, it is not magic but oatmeal is a very useful thing for eczema sufferers. Pharmaceutical topical ointments often contain steroids which are designed to relive inflammation and swelling but have a number of quite bad side effects if used too much. Bone density issues and an increase in the adrenal glands that makes the body tense and lowers the immune system are a few issues with steroid creams.

Oatmeal however is a natural substitute that stops itching and moisturizes the skin. I do not know the scientific reason behind this but oatmeal is cheap so it is worth going out and trying! Using oatmeal to remedy eczema itching can be done in two ways:

  • Oatmeal baths - Running a warm bath and adding a few cups of oatmeal makes a slightly stick but very soothing bath. You can also stay in an oatmeal bath a lot longer than a pure water bath too. When you are finished (15-20 minutes is a good time) make sure to pat dry yourself and not to rub too much.
  • Oatmeal Paste - Make a mix of water and oatmeal flakes in a bowl and stir it together. With only a small amount of water you can turn it into a thick paste which you can smear on the eczema affected areas. This is a good quick way to relieve itching at home if you do not have time for a more elaborate bath!

3. Beware Danger Foods

Eczema natural remedies are not just about ways to reduce the itching and swelling though that is usually the first thing you will want to look at. It is also about finding the things that cause the flare ups. This is often a case of eating certain foods that do not treat you well. There are a few common foods that many eczema sufferers find causes flare ups and should be avoided in case you are the same. A few foods include:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Seafood
  • Peanut Butter

This is not an exhaustive list by any means and everyone is different but these are the common ones. You will need to do some trial an error testing to find if any other foods might be causing eczema flare ups. These are but a few methods that you can use to lessen the maddening itching or eczema in your life but there are many more things you can do to end the constant threat of eczema.

These are but a few methods that you can use to lessen the maddening itching or eczema in your life but there are many more things you can do to end the constant threat of eczema.

For more information visit my site on natural alternatives to dealing with eczema that helped me overcome this condition that is not a skin condition... but is instead an immune system problem. Click below to find out more.

Eczema Natural Remedy


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